About us

Are you looking for a trusted Regenerative Organic Certification? Punaryoji Krishi is the answer. Our certification method ensures that your products are organic, environmentally, and socially responsible.

We are proud of our stringent certification procedure, which involves the use of "Triangular Auditing Tools" to ensure that operations meet organic criteria. “Triangular Auditing” includes.

  • Satellite Imaging to determine land use history and environmental changes over the years.
  • Real-time IOT data analysis to keep a 24x7 check on growth factors.
  • Onsite Drone inspection plus sample collection for genomic and non-genomic data specifications.

In addition to the yearly on-site inspection, our teams undertake an initial audit and further unannounced audits throughout the year to guarantee compliance with our strict criteria. We also collect samples for in-lab testing to ensure your products’ quality.

To ensure the highest level of confidence in our certification process, our audit findings are independently reviewed.


The certification adds value to the business,
Communicate in a transparent manner on the authenticity of your commitments.
Improve the efficiency and reliability of your organization.
Ensure trust with your stakeholders up to the consumers.
Access new national or export markets.

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